Calvin Klein Body: Asos
Pearl Mom Jeans: Asos

Hi guys!!

Happy Friday!! It's almost the end of the first week of 2017!! Although after the holidays it can feel like a right old drag, when you say to yourself 'the first week of the new year is done' it does feel like it went quickly!

Ok so purely for pictures I went bare feet for this one, I wouldn't walk out the house with no shoes on obvs lol but I just feel like Calvin Klein should always just be simple with no hassle no other faffing and just 'I got out of bed like this' kinda vibes so I just kept everything minimal and kept the focus on the jeans and bodysuit.

These jeans guys are just perfect, the pearls are humongous and they just you feel so so chic as if your in a Chanel ad or something lol super comfortable as well due to the mom fit and they are extra cropped in length so if you want to add some snazzy boots they would look ace!