Aviator Jacket: Prettylittlething
Jumper: Zara
Joggers: Primark
Trainers: LAMODA


So yes it's Friday again finally, hello weekend!

Ok, so I've been on the hunt for the perfect aviator for the longest time everrr, I've tried a few here and there like River Island and Topshop etc but none of them have that oversized effortless look that I love. I thought I'd try out the one's at Prettylittlething and OMG guys it's just perfect! The quality is top knotch, it feels so soft and buttery and it's super super warm as the whole jackets lined inside with faux fur. And yep I got something a little different in terms of colour than the standard black aviators, I don't know why but the grey and pink colour just spoke to me so I bagged that one.

I've never shopped at LAMODA before, but I was just having a scroll checking them out and I saw these badboy trainers and I just fell in love, I instantly pictured them with the grey/pink aviator and thought YASSSS that's a combo right there!! Honestly guys I'm so so happy with the quality of trainers and the service. I'm quiet hesitant when it comes to buying shoes online as they come really bad quality sometimes, like some are just really tacky, but these are so so good! The fur tongue is so soft it feels like a pink cat on trainers LOL and I used the next day delivery code and they arrived at like 8am in the morning! Nice one LAMODA!