6 months since I've posted on my blog, and boy does it feel good to be tapping away at my keyboard keys talking to you all!!

So, hey guys!!! Yes it's been almost half a year since I posted on my blog, and I don't think 'sorry for just leaving you all' is going to cut it!! Life has just been so hectic I don't even know where to start or begin from, so much has been going on and in the middle of it all I've been slowly gathering all the tools I need to start putting content on my new Youtube channel.

We've had family weddings, functions, birthdays, baby showers and all sorts happening since I last spoke to you all, my husband and I also celebrated our first wedding anniversary back in October and we went away to lovely Cyprus and it was the best holiday I've ever been on!! We did things that I never thought I'd do like parasailing, jet skying, water theme parks and all sorts!!  Now being a person who's scared of heights, can't swim and is generally just scared of everything, I was and still am so proud of myself for doing all these amazing things and experiencing such fun stuff!! Since Cyprus I've been lusting for another holiday for ages haha! 

Within all the antics that have been going on, I've tried to start getting all the things I need to start focusing on my Youtube, we invested in a lovely Macbook Pro and I also got some more lighting, I have been practicing videos to try and just get used talking in front of the camera rather than just shooting pictures for my blog, and it does feel a little odd I can't lie. So, with doing that I have to admit I have wasted a lot of time just testing different things out, and even making full edited videos and just scrapping them because I'm such a perfectionist I won't like one tiny thing and because of that I won't put the video up! And if you've already visited my channel you'll know that I haven't put up any videos yet of me talking and thats the reason why! lol But I'm hoping that as I go along and keep posting content i'll start getting into more of a better flow of everything? I would love to know what you all would like to see more of? I will be doing more fashion related videos but if there's anything in particular that you want to see please let me know in the comments!! I did post a video yesterday which is my 'How I Style Black Lipstick' video which you can check out above, I thought it only made sense to share how I style a dark lip seen as how much I sport it in my outfit looks on my blog!

Anyhow, are any of you going away to a sunny holiday soon? I'm seriously in need of some sun sand and sea! lol I'm feeling super eurgh at the moment as I'm turning 28 on Friday and feel like such an boring old person ha! I am however looking forward to going back home and spending some time with my family and eating lots of delish cake! :D mmmmmm!! 


  1. Love the video and the outfits!!