Shirt Dress: Primark £13
Camisole: Primark £2.50
Skinny Jeans: River Island £45
Choker: Primark £4.50
Shoes: H&M £25
*Sunglasses: zeroUV*

Happy Friday all!!

I cannot tell you guys how much fun I had taking pictures of today's outfit, I was prancing around feeling like Marilyn Monroe swaying this super long shirt dress haha!! A couple of weeks back I was generally looking around Primark just browsing, on my way out I saw this shirt dress and thought 'you have to be mine' lol I don't know why but that always happens, whenever I'm about to leave a store I always spot something I like and have to stand in the longest ques again :| But think its a really nice print to add to my wardrobe as I don't own many prints as such, and this is almost a very chic kind of print I feel, that I can dress up or down.

Iv got the biggest love for big sunglasses, as you can probably tell from the pictures lol for some weird reason they make me feel super confident, I'm the shyest person you'll ever meet seriously, so I think it's because they cover most of my face I feel more confident :S

Besides the outfit, I've really been looking forward for autumn to make its way now. I'm already sporting the dark lips again and turning to darker colored clothing, and even lusting over coats online. I can't wait to have late night hot drinks under the duvet and feeling cozy and warm haha!!

Anyhow, lets stay with now and not get too carried away... I hope you all have a fab weekend! :)


  1. Love the shirt dress! X

  2. I love the outfit! I've been getting really into big sunglasses too lately! :D


  3. Love this look! you look amazing
    <3 Emma