Happy Sunday everyone!!

So it's finally here!! My first Youtube video and that of my top 5 favourite lippies!!

It took me forever to decide what type of video to do and I ended up filming so many different things but I just wasn't happy with the outcomes, but finally I have something that I can start with.

I gathered that the amount of bold lips I rock on my outfit posts on my blog, it would work to show off some of my fave colours in a video, a lot of you always comment on the black lips that I always have on my outfit posts.

I can't describe the excitement of starting on Youtube, I was literally turning into jelly on a plate when I pressed the publish button, thinking all sorts of things, whether people will like it, if the quality is good enough and if people are even going to want to watch my silly self haha! But I decided to go with it and fingers crossed you all like it!!

I'm currently thinking of what types of videos to film for you guys so any suggestions of what you would like to see are more then welcome in the comments :D 


  1. Such a nice choice of shades! Love the bold red lipstick, you look great :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  2. Just found your blog, and I must say its actually really great!! Great video, love the editing and the best lip was definitely the nude.

    Definitely going to subscribe to your channel, and I was thinking that hopefully you'll do a lookbook or a Get Ready With Me kinda thing :)

    Millie xx

    1. Thanks so much luvly!! And i'll deffo get on the video ideas :DD x