The longest BRB, because... I got MARRIED!!!

The longest overdue HELLO to you all!! A huge sorry too for abruptly dissapearing for a long time, but just like the title of this post says, I was away from the blog as I got married!! :D

It feels so good to be back writing this post, I've truely missed blogging the past months while I was away, but I'm super excited to be back with my wedding post and being able to share our special day with you all :D I did mention in a couple of posts of some exciting news but I didn't want to spill the beans too much...

Now onto sharing the day with you all, my now husband and I (it still feels surreal saying it!) always wanted something super small and simple, not the typical 5/6 day event hindu wedding, as well as this we always thought of going away to India to hold it and so that's where it was. I flew back in October to India and the wedding day was on the 18th of October, the ceremony was really short and simple, we was married in literally 15 minutes!! Not the typical hindu wedding at all guys!!

It's the easiest job ever getting clothes fitted/made in India, you can give a tailor an outfit to get fitted and it would literally be ready for you the next day!! And there's never nothing they can't do, our wedding outfits where partially designed by myself and I got it made by tailors and it was shocking how quickly they got things ready for us, my wedding dress was complete in just 2 days :O And yes guys, as you can see by the pictures, we got married in black. Traditionally in hindu weddings the couple wear reds, pinks and all bright colours and even guests wear bright fun colours, but we both love black and don't believe that wearing black is a bad thing, which is the case at such occasions. We decided to go with black and gold outfits with my bangles being red and green for a touch of contrast colour as well as my bindi's.

Since being a child I've always loved henna, lots and lots of it. I knew from then that if and when I do get married one day, I'm not fussed about anything much apart from having lots and lots of henna LOL! The day before the wedding we had a very small ceremony called Haldi, this is where family members apply turmeric paste to the bride and groom to make the skin glow. Because the Haldi ceremony was short and simple we had the henna straight after, however, it took 5 HOURS guys :| I was sitting in one position for 5 hours and it was really difficult but so worth it lol. I had all my arms done as well as my feet, it was really intricate and dainty!!

Because I wanted the henna to have a really dark colour I ended up sleeping with it on all night, and oh my god in the middle of the night I almost felt like I made wrong decision, sleeping with henna all up your arms and legs with carrier bags tied on top, I felt like a mummy :| and then knowing you have to wake up super early the next day to get married, I just couldn't sleep!! The wedding ceremony time was at 11am in the morning, and decided that I didn't want a make up artist or hair stylist to do my make up or hair, as we wanted things simple and natural so I had to wake up extra early and get ready by myself. I just did a black and gold smokey eye with a really neutral lip and light contouring. The make up wasn't the hard part, it was the hair!! Even though it looks like I just have my hair simply straight and open, it was tough to do as I needed to attach a hair piece at the crown to get a high behive in order to pin my veil to it, and the hairpiece I had to give me the behive just wouldn't stay to my head when we put the veil on on it as it was so heavy because of it being all embroidered. But eventually we managed to keep it put with about a million hair grips lol

To get to and from the wedding spot we had a rickshaw covered in roses which was really pretty!! It felt really good to embrace the natural things of India and the indian way of life, seeing the rickshaw decorated made our day that more authentic we felt.

The ceremony was complete in about 15 minutes and from there we went for dinner to a local food hall, where the local village people come to eat everyday, it was so special to see them smile eating with us as for them it was something different, it made our day that much more special knowing we spent time making other people smile :)

After the wedding we spent a few more weeks in India celebrating Diwali and we came back in November. We moved straight into our new home and getting settled down has took a long time, getting essential things for the house that we need and cleaning and decorating has all taken time but it's been so exciting and fun :D We both have a really strong vision of how we want everything to look in the house so we're taking our time getting all the little decorative things, but it will all come together with time :) 

Now that we are settled in and in a routine, I'm excited to be back to blogging :D Outfit posts, hauls and styling posts will be up in the running as usual and if there's anything in particular you guys would like to see please let me know! :D I hope you all enjoyed this post on our special day, I feel a ball burst of excitement inside me sharing it with you all :))


  1. no way, congratulations!!
    wishing you all the best in married life!

  2. Congratulations! That henna looks incredible <3 xx

  3. congrats!! You and your husband both look incredible, literally unreal *inserts crying face emojis* hahah

  4. all of this is so beautiful. i am loving the henna! great blog, btw!

    if you're interested, check mine out! i'd love to see what you think!

    So, hi

    1. Thanks chica!! Will deffo pop by your blog! :) x

  5. congratulations, you look so amazing!

  6. <3333 wow congratulation babe!

  7. Oh my god you're so stunning! Congrats.

  8. That explains for the long hiatus! Haha you're my fav blogger and I'm so happy for you and your marriage!!!


  9. This is an absolutely gorgeous post, congratulations it all looks beautiful! I wish the two of you the best of luck for your life together x

  10. Congratulations, the pictures look amazing and the henna is beautiful :))

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