Look | SHIRT X 2

Plain White Shirt: Dad's (old)
Printed Shirt: H&M £10 (sale)
White Skinny Jeans: River Island £45
*Trainers: Puma Suede Collection £55*
Sunglasses: ASOS £12

Hi all!!

It's been a little while since my last post, and honestly I've been SO busy the past two weeks. Going up and down London has taken up so much time since I last blogged. There's a lot of things happening at the moment, but all good things which is good!! I will update you all of what exactly that is, but when things are a bit more set in stone :) Other than that, I hope you've all been well and enjoying the lovely spring weather we've been having recently, it feels so nice to see the sun more often, my days seem a lot more chirpier than dull with gloomy weather lol.

Having said that the sun's finally here, my wardrobes finally filled with lighter and airy clothes rather than those chunky knits :D I've been so attracted to whites recently, I seem to love everything white and crisp clean. Particularly something like today's outfit.

I decided to pair up two shirts for a more dimensional outfit rather than just an all plain flat white combo. I cannot tell you guys how much I've been loving this blue print shirt from H&M, I think I've worn it at every chance I can get, soon as it's washed Ive got it on again lol the print is perfect, something that reminds me of Zara prints and the material is so lightweight it's the most comfortable ever and the fact that the material is a wrinkle effect it looks super laid-back which is right up my street!!

Another thing I wanted to rave about are these AMAZING trainers from Puma. Seriously, they are perfect,... Simple... lol.  if your the type that's into the whole slip-on/sport luxe trend then these are just the trainers to give that look. But mainly the reason why I love them SO much is the comfort and fit, up til date they are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. I don't know exactly what it is but it's almost like cushiony inside but at the same time the shape inside fits the shape of the bottom of your feet so it feels so soft to walk in. Having all the comfort they have the chunky white rim sole for the slip-om look and the suede looks really chic, who would have thought trainers could look this chic?!

Ok guys enough of the rambles, I'm so glad to be back in the swing of things and interacting with you all again, hope your all having a lovely week!! :)


  1. Such a cool look, love the Puma trainers to xx


  2. In love with this look, stunning!


  3. So perfectly chic, yet effortlessly cool x


  4. so effortlessly cool!


  5. Hey girl, you look stunning! I love this ootd! :)

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    1. Thanks chica will deffo pop by! :) x

  6. this outfit is so simplistic and beautifully styled love it!

  7. i love your style and your photos are always perfect xx


  8. I love those shoes :)


  9. Love this post! The pictures are great! Xx


  10. Gosh my favorite colors are black and white and anything that resembles them like washed out or pale colors. you are def inspirational !:) officially following you !
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  11. I was just browsing by & stumbled upon your lovely blog - I love how beautiful it looks, plus you post about interesting things I can relate to! Following you via GFC now, keep in touch ! :) xoxo


  12. Love the pastel/ white outfit - so gorgeous! Just followed you x


  13. you pull off almost everything! such an inspiration! love it



  14. Looks amazing! The cuts, the colours, the photos! Love it all! :)

    Kisses, Kali
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