Hello to The Golden Monkey!

Hello fashionistas!!
So, after days and days of thinking I have finally decided to make my blog!! Reading other fashion blogs has been so inspiring and fun to read and so I have finally decided that Id also like to contribute to the fashion blogging world!
A little about me- Well, I’m a freelance womenswear designer specializing in high-end luxury womenswear clothing. I graduated in 2009 with a BA Hons Degree in Fashion and my graduate collection was shown at Graduate Fashion Week. I loveee leather whether if it’s working with it for clothing, or wearing it!! Fashion that has an edge, like that extra bit of funkiness to it is what really makes my happy! I believe fashion is a moving art, that every person creates everyday which expresses themselves.
About the blog- I’m blogging to talk to all you fashion lovers about my day to day fashion opinions, likes, dislikes and my personal fashion style. I'll look at trends or looks from the catwalk know and then; but this is a more personal fashion blog.
So welcome to my world of fashion!!:) I hope you all enjoy!!

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